Making Digital Healthcare Happen in Practice practical handbook

Published February 25, 2018 at 23:49

This handbook shows how primary care remains the cornerstone of the modern NHS. As the demands on the health service become greater through a growing and ageing population, as well as the increasing expectations of the service users, the role of both Primary Care and GPs becomes even more pivotal.

We need to find ways to manage a greater number of patients and provide a more patient-centric service, one that meets the needs of the individual, whilst at the same time ensuring that patients understand and are well-informed partners in the management of their health.

The use of digital technology provides the healthcare system with opportunities to improve health outcomes for a greater number of patients by providing a range of solutions for access to services and information. This will lead to the true transformation of the NHS to meet the needs of the patients of today and tomorrow.

This guide explores the emerging technologies which have been shown to support patient care and considers the potential operational challenges of embracing new technology.

Technical adoption requires more than just new digital solutions. True digital transformation will only be realised with strong clinical leadership and a culture shift in the way we deliver care, a shift toward a real partnership between the patient and clinician.

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