Published October 16, 2018 at 18:30

All Our Health is a resource to help healthcare professionals in England maximise the impact they can have on improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities.

Front-line healthcare professionals can achieve this by:

  • carrying out proactive work to prevent illness or protect health, and measuring your impact when you do this
  • working with people, families and communities to equip them to make informed choices and manage their own health
  • making every contact count

Why All Our Health is needed

In England, people are living longer, but often in poorer health.

We know that what people eat, or whether they smoke or keep active, are behaviours that have a big impact on their health.

And we also know that in poorer parts of the country people have lower life expectancy and fewer years of living in good health.

Front-line professionals understand more than anyone about the pressures of increasing demand on health and social care at the same time as tighter budgets. Managing this demand is part of the day to day work of surgeries, clinics and wards across the country.

Helping healthcare professionals make an impact

Health and care practitioners are amongst the most trusted members of our community, privileged to have millions of contacts with patients every day and shape and deliver services at the front line, so your work to prevent as well as treat ill health is absolutely crucial.

Across the country, we see great examples of front-line professionals building their knowledge about the wider impact of our lifestyles on health and using this to help patients or the community.

But we also know that time is limited, particularly time with patients where it can be difficult to have those vitally important conversations about wellbeing, as well as addressing the immediate problem or symptom.

Imagine the impact if tens of thousands more front-line health professionals built this ‘prevention’ activity into their practice. This work will reduce the human cost of ill health (which often hits the poorest in our society hardest) and reduce pressure on our health and social services at the same time.

A full set of resources can be found on the All Our Health Framework.