Flo has been used by specialist nurses to monitor patients’ use of specific medication, to ensure that patients experiencing side effects are supported with advice, and if they stop taking the medication further supplies of the drugs are cancelled. Flo also provides support for patients who have depression, and those experiencing fatigue.

A closed Facebook Group has been used to support large numbers of patients who advise each other with tips on managing symptoms of MS, and befriending their peers, who may find it difficult to share their concerns with family members. Overseen by a clinician, the advice is monitored for appropriateness, and news about current research, local events, and charity meetings form much of the content of the site. There are some videos below showing how it is being used.

Assistive Technology to support patients remain as independent as possible can be found through websites such as Disabled Living Foundation, Independent for Longer, or

Apps which may be useful for general health and wellbeing can be found here. 

Patients may be reviewed by video consultation, such as Skype, where appropriate. See more information about Skype in ‘TECS in Use’.