Chronic kidney disease

The main approach from a TECS point of view is to inform the patient about conditions which may lead to CKD, so NHS: Home gives an overview of the situation, and how lifestyle changes could help to prevent CKD, while Kidney Care UK offers specific advice for people diagnosed with CKD.

To prevent CKD progressing to levels where dialysis is required, reducing blood pressure by consistent medication and lifestyle changes can have a significant effect. Remotely monitoring blood pressure via Flo as well as reminding patients by text to take their medication is worth pursuing. You can see how Flo works in the video below.

Flo can help with various lifestyle changes, such as weight reduction, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, and increased exercise.

Websites such as NHS live well can help with diet, smoking cessation, exercise, and alcohol reduction. Apps such as Active 10 walking tracker, Evergreen Life, Sugar Smart, Easy Meals, Drinks tracker, Be Food Smart, Couch to 5K, etc can also help, by being downloaded to a smartphone.

Wearable technology, such as Fitbits, or even simpler pedometers can help motivate people to change their lifestyle.

Messages about lifestyle advice can be placed on general Facebook pages, perhaps on a general practice Facebook page.

Patients could be reviewed via video consultation such as Skype, especially if their blood pressure readings were already being monitored remotely, and the information available to the clinician in the surgery. See more information about Skype in ‘TECS in use’.