The Manage Your Health app, created by Keele University, the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network and Stoke-on-Trent CCG which is free to download, has useful information which patients can have on their smartphone.

The Manage Your Health app has separate sections for asthma, COPD, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, Stroke, and back pain. Most of it does not require any wi-fi, once the app has been downloaded.
There are some videos below of how the app might be used in clinical practice:

Patients may still need to have a written management plan suitable for their condition. You will find management plans here for asthma, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, and lifestyle changes. Some of these will need to have figures inserted for the patient’s expected peak flow, blood glucose, etc, while the lifestyle plan really needs the patient to be helped to set their own goals.

Another development from Keele University has been the Keele Pain App, which is available from the App Store, and Google Play Store. This was developed by a local GP, Dr John Bedson, to help patients and their GPs manage severe pain more effectively. By enabling the patient to record a daily score for pain and impact on lifestyle, it provides a clear indication of changes over time, and these can then be related to alterations in medication in a more exact way than from memory of past events. There is a video of this below.

A site with some more useful apps is, which has been set up by clinicians in Devon to assess the suitability of apps for patients with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, some mental health problems, exercise, communication problems, and some apps to aid clinicians in their planning of rehabilitation.

Keele have also developed the Happy Health app, aimed at children aged 5-10 years. This platform aims to help them learn, through playing a game, how different foods have different calorie values, how eating a variety of types of food makes a healthy diet, and how the energy required for different activities needs to be taken into account when choosing what food to eat. Using different characters, players try to choose appropriate food to match their energy requirements during a school day, or at a weekend, and take on challenges to gain points for diet choices. ‘Happy Health’ is available free on the App Store and Google Play.

NHS:Home is a useful website, and it includes the developing NHS apps library.