Autographer camera

The Autographer camera has been adopted for use with patients who have early dementia. Hanging from a lanyard around the neck of the patient, the camera takes pictures when stimulated by sound or movement.

These are downloaded to a laptop at the end of the day, the camera is put on charge, and the next day the patient can look at places they have visited, and people they have met. The pictures are taken through a ‘fish-eye’ lens, and this has a particular impact on the brain when they are viewed. Patients described greater feelings of well-being after using this system.

Some patients, who had previously had to stop work because of their dementia, were able to start new jobs after reigning confidence through using the Autographer. Flo was also used to give patients reminders to charge the camera, turn it on, etc, and to suggest ideas about managing their dementia.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is no longer able to make these exact cameras, and alternatives are being sourced for use in the near future.