TECS in use



In 30 seconds, take a reliable single trace ECG, and find if the patient has normal rhythm or AF


Animations provide a creative way to engage with patients on important health issues. Here are some great examples


Apps are a great way to engage patients in their healthcare, by informing them of quality and relevant information to them in an engaging and creative way – especially if they have been approved by the NHS!

Autographer camera

The Autographer camera has been adopted for use with patients who have early dementia. Hanging from a lanyard around the neck of the patient, the camera takes pictures when stimulated by sound or movement


The Endoscope-i is a small endoscope attached to a smartphone. The video recording of the inside of the ear is of a very high quality, and this is sent via email to an ENT consultant for an opinion


Using Facebook for serious health purposes is an extremely effective way of communicating with people who often ignore other forms of communication, or people with whom health professionals fail to engage as well as they would like. So if you are sceptical, just have a look at some of the following examples of how Facebook is being used, and think whether your current practice is as inclusive and engaging as it could be

Flo Telehealth

Flo (Florence Simple Telehealth) is a text messaging system which can help patients understand their condition. From reminders to take medication, use an inhaler, or attend appointments to remote monitoring of blood pressure readings, or measurements of pain level or depth of depression, Flo helps patients to change their behaviour, and become regular medicine users, or partners in the management of their health condition

Video consultation

There are a number of ways in which video consultations can be used in healthcare. It is probably easiest to start with the simplest first, and build on this, as healthcare professionals become more skilled and confident in using this platform to engage with the patients and the wider public