Adult Obesity

Published October 16, 2018 at 18:06

Obesity and excess weight are significant health issues for adults across the life course and into old age. Carrying excess weight can have significant implications for an individual’s physical and mental health. There isn’t a single intervention that can tackle obesity on its own, at population or at an individual level. Causes of obesity are multi-factorial, including biological; physiological; psycho-social; behavioural; and environmental factors.

Core principles for healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals should provide information, advice and support around healthy lifestyles and, where appropriate, refer to weight management services as part of routine daily contact with individuals.

This ‘All Our Health’ adult obesity information has been created to help you:

  • understand specific activities and interventions that can address obesity in your patients
  • think about the resources and services available in your area that can help people lose weight

Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

Utilise the MECC approach to inspire positive change, and/or directing them where to go for further help where required.

All Our Health

Provides comprehensive information on what Healthcare professionals should provide in terms of information, advice and support around adult obesity at a community, family and individual level.

Digital Tools:

  • Signposting local weight management services that can help individuals and families eat healthier and balanced diets (think about what advice you can give to help them set realistic goals and start using the Eatwell guide to get a head-start and not lose the momentum to change).
  • Utilising the Start active, stay active: infographics explaining the Chief Medical Officer’s physical activity guidelines to achieve general health benefits for different age ranges
  • Recommending families join Change4Life for tips, vouchers and recipes and to download the Food Smart app
  • OneYou provides tools, support and encouragement across the breadth of lifestyle factors to help adults aged 40 to 60 years to help improve their health, every step of the way.
  • 5 A Day gives advice and recommendations about the benefits of eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.