A comparative overview of population data referring to specific Long Term Conditions pathways for Staffordshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP)

Published February 26, 2018 at 8:44

Sources for data used within this pack are referenced and every care has been taken to ensure all information is valid at the time of publication. Any indicators used are intended to be used as a supportive guide and not as an exact reflection of CCG-related performance in a specific Long Term Condition (LTC) pathway. Where relevant and where data is available, any graded indicators are based on a CCG’s national quartile position in relation to a national average. Otherwise, a graded indicator is applied at the authors’ discretion to illustrate how a CCG compares to the national average for that LTC pathway.

Where a quartile position has been referenced, this is compared to national data and quartiles are numbered 1 –

4 with 1 being the most favourable quartile for a CCG to be in for a particular indicator.

All prevalence and all estimated prevalence for each LTC has not been colour coded, or data that relates to prior 2012. Instead, where available, some prevalence rates and emergency admissions data have been colour coded to compare to similar CCGs in terms of demographics and deprivation in the appendix where this information is available via the Public Health England fingertips tool.