This website has been designed to support health professionals undertaking up-skilling courses in the use of Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS), to help them begin to realise how simple technology can make a difference to the way we communicate with patients, enabling the NHS to make more efficient use of our committed workforce.

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One of the key drivers to more efficient working is to enable patients to care better for their own conditions. If they do this, then they will use the health service appropriately, leaving health professionals to use their clinical skills to greater effect.

The website is designed so that a clinician may start by looking for a medical condition in ‘TECS for health’, to see what kinds of technology have been used to support patients with that problem. Alternatively, by looking through ‘TECS in use’, different forms of technology are described, and there are examples of how these can be applied in clinical settings.

The resources section has documents which you are likely to need when starting to use technology. As health professionals you will want to ensure patient safety and governance are in place, and examples of consent forms are included, as well as information to ensure you have considered potential challenges you may encounter. Organisations will have their requirements too, so in this section are included example documents such as a Privacy Impact Assessment. Also there are examples of data packs for Staffordshire, which help clinicians and commissioners understand the clinical priorities for their locality. These have been gleaned from nationally available data sources, and similar reports on your locality could be similarly produced by local NHS organisations.

We intend to keep the website interesting with news about events, research, or papers published. There is a blog where opinions and ideas can be shared, and we hope this will help to progress the adoption of technology enabled care services across the UK.

Website disclaimer

All the documents, ideas and suggestions included in the website content are intended to inform you about others’ experiences and approaches to the delivery of digital health care in health and social care settings. The content is not a substitute for national advice and guidance from professional or regulatory organisations. Whilst every effort has been made to include accurate and up to date information, it is recognised that legal requirements, IT infrastructure, hyperlinked websites, knowledge and understanding are constantly evolving and being updated. Therefore it is intended that content of the website be used as a supportive resource to learn more about how you can adopt or enhance your use of digital health care and weigh up the choices, information and guidance for your own circumstances.

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